Lake Placid Historical Society Depot Museum

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Oops! I forgot the pics from the Lake Placid Historical Society Depot Museum 😳 It was a wonderful stop – I was walking Herbie down to see the train mural when a chap popped out to greet us. Dressed in denim overalls, with an engineer's cap atop his head, he looked like he'd just stepped off a train! He invited us *both* in, and Herbie was happy to be a good boy in the air conditioning. After my pup heartily thanked the second volunteer for being welcomed inside (he has a way of collapsing against your legs, almost ending up upside down, if he's in the mood for a good scratch), we were given a personal tour around the depot. • • I ❤❤❤ local history museums, and the volunteers that staff them. Oh, my word, was it a fun chat! Both gentlemen had graduated from the local high school, one having been born in Lake Placid, the other moving here at thirteen. From Miami! Back in the day, it must have felt like the end of the world 🤣 Our guide had connections left, right, and centre – his wife's grandfather was the first mayor, his aunt (by marriage) was one of the tellers held up in the infamous bank robbery (she's in the mural of the scene, with her hands raised high). He was telling me all about what shops used to sit where along the main strip, and how things have changed more than a little over time. I didn't take many photos, due to both the conversation and wrangling my (very well behaved) pup, but I throughly enjoyed my visit. Well worth a few minutes of your time, and a few dollars as a donation wouldn't go amiss. It's in the old depot, down by the tracks. Fingers crossed your hosts are the entertaining duo I got to meet 😄 • • @visitsebring #lakeplacid #historymuseum #supportlocal @shopsmall #trains #railroad #depot #locals #wallmural #LoveFL #floridacrackertrail

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