Archbold Biological Station

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Would you drive down this amazing Florida driveway? I sure did 😃 At the end: Archbold Biological Station. Built in 1930, it's still in full swing, with all sorts of researchers working and living onsite. There are also areas open to the public – a couple of walking trails, showcasing both nature and the history of the station, and a learning centre in a green building. The original structures are in great shape, demonstrating how well-thought-out, quality construction can last, even in the middle of Florida. The newer building, which has no ac, was gloriously cool, managing to capture the breezes they get up here on the ridge (hey, 140-200' above sea level is pretty darn significant in this state!). • • I did a lot of reading, between all the flyers and the signage on the "Walk Through Time" trail, all fascinating stuff. I skipped the nature trail for two reasons – no dogs allowed (understandable), and I'd arrived shortly after a big yellow school bus, filled with an awful lot of young minds that were being shown around. This is another spot that's a little out of the way, but if you have any interest in biology, botany, birds, nature, Florida scrub habitat, or how people back in 1930 managed to engineer buildings that have survived hurricanes and constant heat and humidity, this is definitely a unique stop that you should consider. The $5 suggested donation opens the door to a world of knowledge. • • @visitsebring @archboldstation #lookandlearn #read #history #floridascrub #nature #biology #LoveFL #floridacrackertrail

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