Manatee Observation & Education Center

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(Sorry I went quiet – I was cramming in as much stuff as I could as I raced back to home base to make use of this weekend's slight dip in temps to work on the roof. It's been hot and humid 'round these parts, approaching 90 midweek 🥵 Back to the updates, returning to Fort Pierce.) • • First stop, the Manatee Observation Centre, hoping to observe a few before the sun warmed up the waters, sending them back to the River. While I didn't spy any in the canal, the roaming naturalists from the centre said there had been a mother and baby around. I did see *plenty* in the gift shop, along with all sorts of odes to other sea critters and the joys of beach life. • • The Centre itself isn't terribly big, but it is crammed with information and helpful staff and volunteers. The touch tank gives you an up close look at the smaller water dwellers, and there's all sorts of educational material about the manatees and how we can help them (basically by not killing them with our boats and rubbish). Despite my inability to enjoy the namesake activity, the visit was enjoyable, and well worth waiting a day for the place to open. (Added bonus: the volunteer at the door was a retired Brit, which usually leads to a lively conversation 😁🇬🇧) • • @fortpiercefl @mainstreetfortpierce @manateecenter #manatees #nonespotted #nexttime #beachlife #saltlife #worththewait #LoveFL #floridacrackertrail

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