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The blazing sun was high in the sky, with the downtown buildings offering little shade. I was wrapped up listening to the audio history of the historic Sunrise Theatre when I almost walked right into their festive a-frame. "Come in and try our Sweet Peach Ice Tea", it proclaimed, and I doubt I could have thought up a more welcome invitation in this heat! • • The tea was incredibly delicious, and not just because I had a wicked thirst to quench. After seeing the adorable "for here" jars, I downed it, gratefully, while waiting for my takeaway sandwich. I hadn't planned on eating, but the comfortable interior, friendly staff, and eye-catching blackboard menus won me over. I went with a lightly toasted Caprese Sandwich, and the mouthwatering aroma of the balsamic drizzle tempted me the whole way back to the RV. So good! Deli•cious is tucked away behind an exterior setting of beachy Adirondack chairs that were calling for a leisurely sit-down – on a cooler day – in the Galleria of Pierce Harbor near the marina. If you're wandering town, or following the historical walking tour, it's an excellent choice for a snack or meal 😋 • • #yum #peachicedtea #homemade #masonjar #cooldrinkonahotday @fortpiercefl @mainstreetfortpierce #eatlocal @shopsmall #supportlocal #eatdelicious #caprese #lunch #LoveFL #floridacrackertrail

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