Sugar Sand Distillery

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Henscratch Farms recommended a spot up the road (love the community support) – Sugar Sand Distillery. • • The only sugar cane distillery in the US – absolutely fascinating! Nestled in the 10 acre grove they use in the products, they offer tastings, and, on Saturdays only, tours. Great timing! For just $7.50, you receive an in-depth explanation of the process, a close look at all that awesome equipment, plenty of sugar cane knowledge, a chance to run a piece through the powerful juicer, a taste of that pure juice, and a sample of every type of bottle they produce, doled out with colourful descriptions by the friendly staff. Oh, and $5 off a bottle (or merchandise). What a deal! I was the only one around for the 5 o'clock, so I was the lucky cane-juicer. When I found out that they sold bottles of the fresh juice, I was also invited to juice my own to take home. It's the small joys in life 😁 • • The location is a little out of the way, but the drive is lovely, and the experience worth your time. The crew are welcoming and attentive, and there's beer (and wine, I believe) available on the patio for those that prefer. There are plans in motion for some expansion, with the beer garden shade roof halfway up, and they've recently become Harvest Hosts – guess where I ended up spending the night? 😊 • • @sugarsanddistillery @visitsebring #agritourism #distillery #gin #rum #vodka #shine #sugarcane @freshfromflorida #shoplocal @shopsmall #drinklocal #floridabackroads #twolanes

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