Henscratch Farms

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Feeling mighty stuffed after that amazing lunch, I thought a walk in the park would be nice. The plan was to hit the trails at Lake June in Winter, then overnight at the Sebring Walmart. Spoiler alert – neither happened 😆 I took the back way towards the state park, and when Google told me to turn onto Henscratch Road, I knew I'd be making an unanticipated stop. • • Henscratch Farms Vineyard had popped up on a couple of the Cracker Trail write-ups I'd read (and there aren't many to read!). While I wouldn't be sampling the wine, every article mentioned the unique, free range eggs they sold. My kind of purchase! Turns out, they haven't sold eggs in years. You can still feed the chickens, if they're around and about. My visit was a bit late in the day, so I'm afraid there are no cute fowl shots to share. They do have all sorts of goodies in the country store-style tasting room, and I happily picked up a bottle of Scuppernong Cider to try out. Wednesdays look to be the day to visit, if you like music and hot dogs – which reminds me, the owner told me about a meat-free carrot dog Chubby Wubby's was trying out…another carrot recipe! Woot!! • • #henscratch #vineyard #winery #floridawine #lakeplacid @visitsebring #detour #backroadsstop #twolanes #cider #scuppernong #LoveFL #floridacrackertrail

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