Pioneer Park – Dog Walk

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A non-weather post, although there will undoubtedly be references! We ventured back to Pioneer Park for another look. With so many areas to choose from, I opted for a riverside stroll through the shady primitive campsites (because it was getting pretty darn hot). They didn't used to be primitive…well, I'm sure they were for the *original* campers back in the late 1800s (I adore campgrounds with so much history!!), but, until Hurricane Irma blasted through in 2017, these riverfront sites had electricity and water. There were also some restrooms, which had to be leveled. I considered returning tonight for a stay, it's peaceful and inviting, but was a bit worried about falling limbs in this wind. Next time! • • Herbie enjoyed sniffing around, and desperately wanted to take a dip, but I spoiled his fun – the water wasn't clear, so I couldn't check for those pesky sharp-toothed critters looking to nibble on his little legs. We did find a wee bridge to an island(?) with a trail. Walked part of it before turning around (because the heat and humidity were approaching intolerable levels), but not before noticing groups of little swimming things. Tadpoles? I couldn't lean in for a closer look for fear of slipping down the bank. • • Headed back to the RV (parked in a sliver of shade, to minimise the heat), I noticed a campsite that knows how to rough it in style. Double recliners between the tents. Heck, yeah 😆 • • If you are ever through Zolfo Springs, looking to stretch your legs (or spend the night), don't skip this park. My pictures don't cover half of what's there, including the backside of the big lake, the entire campground, and the Lion's Club 1-mile walking trail. Biking or on foot, this place is a gem. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the park manager, who's pretty much a one-man-show, and was able to thank him for keeping the park so immaculate. If you prefer crowds, he let me know that the Pioneer Days are coming up (last weekend of this month), and the place comes alive with festivities, activities, shows, and people. • • @visithardee #pioneerpark #goodpeople #enjoynature #inthefloridaheat #walkthedog #gofishing #LoveFL

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