Paynes Creek Historic State Park

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Look at that water! That crystal clear, spot-a-gator-a-mile-away water 😁 I acquiesced, and let Herbie take a quick dip to combat the heat. • • This is Paynes Creek Historic SP – I added it to the list after checking the map I received with my annual pass. It's a little bit "out there", but worth the drive. No camping (yet – there are some ideas being floated), but you can canoe/kayak, and there are lots of trails of varying lengths and difficulty. We took some shorter walks, they'd have been longer if it was 10 degrees cooler. Our first was to the suspension bridge, which is currently (and likely permanently) closed. Our second was to the old fort site (now a clearing). The history around this location involves a devastating (rogue) Seminole attack on the old Trading Post, which caused the Army to build a chain of forts in Florida's interior. The fort was never attacked, but the men were defeated by mosquitoes and abandoned it within a year. We were going to continue on the trail beyond the fort site, but I almost lost the dog (who was still at the end of the leash I was holding) in the tall grass, and we gave up when it got too thick. • • The entry station was closed when I arrived (as was the vc). I noticed activity as I was leaving, and hopped out the RV to get a stamp. Something about me and/or my rig must scream "passport!" because they knew exactly why I was walking in 😆 The rangers had been working over on the far side of the park (staff has to multi-task in big ways under the current funding), but were happy they'd made it back to greet me and provide the stamp. One of the most perfect, on point, bullseye stamp jobs I've ever seen, in any passport 👍 (An aside – I love passports of any kind, but I try to make a point of not visiting a place simply for the stamp. Go experience a park, treat the stamp as a bonus souvenir, and don't get bent out of shape if you can't get it! Or if it's smudged. Or upside down. Boy, have I witnessed some hilarious meltdowns in NPS gift shops…). • • If you like nature, history, and lack of congestion (🤔😆), I'd stop by for a visit! • • @paynescreekhistoricsp @fl.stateparks #getoutside #LoveFL

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