Florida Cracker Trail Map

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So, that coast-to-coast jaunt I mentioned? This is it. The old Florida Cracker Trail, from Bradenton to Fort Pierce. Or Fort Pierce to Bradenton. I wasn't sure which way I wanted to make the run, and have somehow ended up smack dab in the middle as my starting point 🤣 Considering the route came about as the only dry run the cowboys (crackers) found to drive their cattle to the deep water ports, I'm technically running it correctly. My only issue is wanting to visit *both* coasts. • • I fancied staying at least one night in a state park, but when I checked availability online Monday morning, I was quickly reminded that this is February, in Florida. Snowbirds! I snagged a spot in Highlands Hammock for last night – the only night available all week, at any park, for a rig over 25' (I'm around 26'). There were two other spots available for the shorter rigs. After delaying my start for a day, and spending longer than anticipated at Flying J yesterday, here I sit, in the middle, debating a direction. With only 148 miles of road, it won't matter too much what I decide. • • If you are familiar with this state, you may wonder what on earth there is to explore along this not-Disney, not-beachy trail. Well, let me tell you, there is a LOT! I browsed a couple of blog posts from some good Florida sources (Florida Backroads Travel is a good one), and plopped a few markers onto a reference map. Not sure if the link will work, as it's a Google "My Map" – send me a note if you'd like to see it and have trouble accessing the page (it is public, so a search may bring it up). • • https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1gu5Crm0_sUNE-CKjBeLiVlJPwU3DRfH2&usp=sharing • • Enough rambling! I'm off to explore a bit of Florida 😁 • • #floridacrackertrail #coasttocoast #quickjaunt #floridatravel #backroads #oldroute #getoutside #letsexplore #history #cattle #LoveFL @visitflorida

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