Edinburg Scenic Wetlands

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I'd seen an awful lot of references to "World Birding Center" around this area of Texas. I enjoy birding, but don't do nearly enough of it. Partly due to the dog. He's calmer now than when I hit the road, so I'm looking to start adding more "quiet" nature-related stops into my travels. I decided to find a place to learn a little more about what appears to be a very popular sport here in South Texas. • • Looking at the map, the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands and World Birding Center was the obvious winner. Plenty of parking, as they have somewhere around NINE baseball fields, unused at midday during midweek. Lots of trails and paths that are dog friendly, with some shade and some sun, depending on the temps. And the birding center, with a low $3 entry fee, paths and observation decks, and, most importantly, a visitor center and gift shop that could help in my quest for knowledge. • • The friendly lady in the entrance booth hooked me up with all the information I needed for the Edinburg location, plus a brochure on all other WBC sites. Excellent! The gift shop had a library's worth of reference books, from which I selected two. Despite the finger-numbing breezes, the trails let me see quite a few birds (and *not* birds 🐱), many of which I'm familiar with, but some I'd never laid eyes on before. I left Herbie in the RV for my avian adventure, then took him on a long stroll once the sun had joyfully emerged from behind the clouds. Overall, a brilliant stop, and one that ended up filling most of the available daylight hours. If you are into birds, or just nature and being outside, consider a swing through Edinburg. Truly worth it. • • #birding @edinburgwbc #nature #getoutside #edinburg @americanbirdingassociation #startingmylifelist #ornithology #southtexas #traveltexas #homefortheholidays #floridabound

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