Laredo Texas Travel Information Center

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😯 It's a welcome centre. The Texas Travel Information Center in Laredo, specifically. Have you ever laid eyes on a rest stop like this?! More of an oasis in the desert. Walking paths through a series of ponds, tile-accented picnic areas, grass, so much lush, soft, healthy, green grass (yes, Herbie enjoyed every inch of it!). Friendly folks with plenty of information on the inside, if you can pull yourself away from the outside for a moment. Stunning. Bravo, Texas 👍😍 • • I gathered a bunch of brochures about South Texas, with an assist from the helpful staff, and headed back to the RV. I walked the dog around the amazing grounds, then figured I'd sit a minute and formulate a plan. After about 30 seconds, I was dripping. Herbie was panting, dramatically. It was HOT. Mid-80s hot, exacerbated by being in a tin can sitting in the sun. My plan, very quickly, became – drive! Just drive!! Blast that dash ac, and head towards the coast. So we did. Laredo, I'll be back when it's cooler! (An aside – I have never seen so many trucks on the road as I did driving through Laredo. And that's coming from someone who just drove I-5 and CA-99 down California's Central Valley. The number of rigs in this area is truly mind-blowing.) • • @txdot #laredo @visitlaredotx #whatawelcome #exquisite #artistic #roadsidearchitecture #reststopextraordinaire #couldastayedthenight #nexttime @traveltex #homefortheholidays #floridabound

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